Essay about Professional Football And The Football

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Professional football was first started in 1920 in the United States. At that time the famous Olympic athlete Jim Thorpe was elected president of the American Professional Football Association. A year later the name was changed to the National Football league, and that name is still around today. There were only eleven teams then all in the Midwest. Now the NFL consists of thirty-two teams throughout the United States. Back in the 1920s football was more of a barbaric sport, which was played with little to no pads at all. As time went on and technology advanced, nearly every single part of a football player’s body is covered and protected with padding; however, there is still no guarantee that a football player cannot get hurt or injured. Injuries are part of the game in football and they always have been. Some of the more common injuries in football include torn ligaments in a knee, torn ligaments in a shoulder, and concussions. All football players are aware of these injuries and take the risk of getting hurt every time they put on the pads. Therefore, football players know the risks to their health and thus should be allowed to play the sport without any additional rules or equipment modifications. For many people in the NFL, football was a way out for them. People would grow up in extreme poverty and wouldn’t be very smart, but they were extremely athletic. Kids would dream of one day playing the sport they love and making millions of dollars to do it, For…

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