Professional Ethics: Ethics And Ethics Of Ethics

Each case of professional behavior at odds with ethics leads us to ask questions about the professional behavior and decision making of a person that led him to make such conduct.
In professional practice, regardless of specialty or context, some questions are much easier than others to answer.
What exactly is ethics and how it helps the professional to answer these questions? What is morality and value dimension? What principles and values should guide all professionals to run every course of their profession? Among many other questions, we must enter into a basic knowledge of the fundamental ideas of what is meant by ethics, morals, values, principles, responsibility in a profession.
Search and knowledge of such definitions allow us to explore
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The practice demands a wide range of autonomy, both personal and collective as a whole, whose correlate is the assumption of the responsibilities inherent in the development of the activity.
Professional ethics matter a sine qua non that is called professional liability as the ethical and moral responsibility of every professional comes from the special knowledge that they possess. For this reason the professional must master a special part of advanced knowledge, particularly knowledge that has to do with the welfare of others, demarcating a profession. Professionals as guarantors of special knowledge that influence human welfare are required by special moral responsibilities, which are moral requirements to apply their knowledge in ways that benefit the rest of the society.
Aims and purpose of professional ethics focus primarily on the shape and define the good of a particular profession, not only professional staff, but especially its contribution to social or common well. In other words: professional ethics would be the expression of the various existing and ethical in all maximum and each of the plural professionals in each specialty.
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Maritime and Streets Services have a duty to give the staff access to arrangements and methods it is required to consent to. As an individual from staff, one has an obligation to acquaint oneself with these and to participate in executing them. The staff likewise has an obligation to make inquiries all alone on the off chance that they are uncertain about what moves to make. Staff should act in a way that advances open trust in the honesty of Roads and Maritime Services ' operations and organization. They should know that the notoriety of Roads and Maritime Services can be influenced by their activities at work and, in specific conditions, by their direct outside the working environment.
While the professional ethical issue is not only a theme of the times, but also imports a past and projected into the future, it has tried to make clear the important knowledge of fundamental concepts to understand in ethical and moral behavior in society, since the content covered in this investigation are not only applicable to the field of professional ethics but are also fully applicable to all rational human behavior since the ethical and moral principles are valid and universal

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