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Mandatory Continuing Professional Development for Engineers in Ontario
Do We Need It?

Ecor 4995: Professional Practice
Section A

The rapidly increasing growth rate of the human population has more than doubled in the past 50 years. Despite the rapid growth, after the twenty first century the growth rate is increasing at a much more desirable rate, however at a time like this society faces many more challenges than ever before. Accommodating for sustainability and creating economical designs must be ensured. This is the challenges professional engineer’s face on a daily basis, an engineer is a person who applies their knowledge in the sciences and mathematics to design and provide services required for the publics need. Engineers
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For one to acquire a license, the correct training and practice of the code of ethics is key. While for the employer, a main requirement is that the engineer is honest and provides the best work to their abilities. Mandating a CPD program touches on all of the preceding elements, the teaching of new techniques and safety can ensure that public is in good hands, teaching new concepts and evaluating can provide regulators with who should be and not have licensure, lastly the CPD can ensure that the engineers are current and up to date with technology having satisfied employers. The professional engineers of Ontario also known as the PEO, “is the licensing and regulating body for engineering in the province” [3]. To be licensed and a continuous member, the key requirements are to graduate from an accredited program, fulfill acceptable work experience, and successfully complete the Professional Practice Examination (PPE). Throughout the process of obtaining the required work experience regulators require that the “Engineer in Training” must directly apply engineering principles to the job under the supervision of a licensed engineer. Advantages of having a CPD program ensures that these engineers who have been out of school for years are still correctly applying the right principles and knows what s/he is doing. Ensuring that only competent engineers are licensed reduces the possibility of minor and major design failures. It

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