Essay on Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan
The group members of Learning Team A took a DISC assessment to determine their personality types, strengths and weaknesses, and areas needing improvement. The members of the group are (your name). The Professional Development Plan will describe the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type, characteristics each type share and characteristics that could cause conflict, and how each type can work together. Along with showing how I the manager can better my ability to lead the team.
The DISC assessment generated three personality types within the group: Interactive, Cautious, and Dominance. Three members of the group that include myself are labeled as Interactive. The Interactive strengths include
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The only issue between these two types is the pace. The Cautious type prefers a slow pace where the Dominance type prefers a face pace just like the Interactive type, but they tend to be more spontaneous, unlike Dominance and Cautious types were they are more decisive and want perfection. Dominance and Interactive types have only one thing in common, high energy. What they do not have in common is pace, goals, fears, motivators and irritations. There are no common characteristics between Interactive and Cautious types only Cautious types are uncomfortable with Interactive types. There are many characteristics that could cause issues between the two types that are organization, focus, and motivators.
After understanding each personality type, the characteristics of each and what each have in common. The group members now need to utilize each of their own characteristics and use them as a tool to accomplish their goals. For example, if this group was working for a car dealership. I would suggest the Interactive types to be salesmen. They are good with people, and enthusiastic that is definitely needed for selling a car. They enjoy opportunities to talk and a major goal for them is to be recognized. For the Cautious types I would put them in a Human Resources position or maybe in the Accounting department. Those positions need people that posses the following traits: detail oriented, independent workers, and

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