Essay on Professional Development - Future of Nursing and Iom Report

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Professional Development - Future of Nursing and IOM Report
In 2008, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) launched an initiative to assess and reform the nursing profession to address the complex unique nursing needs for the current world. The IOM report published in 2010 calls on nurses to take greater role in the healthcare system by taking leadership roles and obtaining high level education. The report envisions nurses to use their full potential and attain academic progression to redesign the healthcare profession in United States.
The Impact of IOM Report on Future of Nursing The IOM report delivers the following key messages to the world about the future of nursing (IOM Report, 2010):
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Nursing Leadership The great shift in education and practice level of nurses that reach across disciplines require a great amount of mutual respect, team work, collaboration and communication.
Today we have very limited participation from the nursing community in hospital boards when compared with other health care professionals (6% when physicians accounts for 20%). Nurses can bring to the table significant point of views which will improve the patient care environments. Nurses works very closely with patients and they will have more valuable views that need to be heard at a leadership level. Nurses can develop a deeply satisfying organizational culture by engaging all staffs in the development of shared values in their work. This will be a major change from the order taking style to a partnership style where they engage in improving the motivation, morale and performance of collaborating groups. Researches show that effective communication and coordination among health care professionals can improve the quality and safety of patient care.
Future nurses need to have competencies of a common set which includes knowledge of patient care delivery systems, team work, collaboration across disciplines, ethical care and foundations for safety and quality improvements (AACN, 2008).. They also should possess more specific competencies to become full partners of the health

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