Professional Development Beliefs

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Professional Development Beliefs and Values
Breonna Bastian
Metropolitan State University

Professional Nursing Practice Professional nursing for me is very important in order to provide excellent patient care and isn’t defined by either an Associate or BSN degree. Professional nursing for me combines the following qualities: competence, leadership, compassion, and teamwork. As a professional nurse we need to be competent in order to provide safe and effective care to our patients. By using evidence-based research and continued education, we are able to provide this care. Leadership is another very important quality to have as a professional nurse because it helps us advocate for our patients and colleagues. Compassion is a must
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The literature has stated that a nurse with a four-year degree is considered a professional nurse, not a nurse with her two-year, I feel this is not accurate. For example, it stated in the Preparing the Nursing Workforce of the Future journal, that nurses with BSN degrees provided more knowledge, critical thinking, leadership, professionalism, and communication skills (Ellenbecker, 2010, p.117). These are all very important skills for each and every nurse to have, but eventually they are obtained through experience, not an advanced degree. I feel that a new graduate from a four- year BSN program verses a two-year nurse with an ADN degree doesn’t always show better skills. You can’t teach critical thinking, communication skills, leadership, and …show more content…
I think that the positive impact our healthcare system has had on our clients today is the continual use of technology. It allows for better communication through computer programs, like EPIC, which can be used at many facilities. The technology we have today also gives our clients the ability to look up their own medical records, for example, Mychart. This system gives the client a sense of being in control or involved in their own care. We are also able to have medical records scanned in from other facilities in order to continue care. On the other hand, there is some negative impacts that our healthcare system has provided. The prices of medications and insurance keep on trending up, making it hard for people to afford their healthcare. People are less likely to be compliant with their care when prices become an issue and they can’t afford them. For this reason, community health nursing is going to be a practice we start seeing more of. It will be more consumer friendly for those with chronic conditions and will help keep patients from being readmitted to hospitals. After completing the RN-BSN Nursing Program at Metropolitan State University, I hope I gain more knowledge in holistic and community health nursing. These two kinds of nursing practice are important for not only the clients, but also for the future of nursing, especially community health

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