Professional Contract Formation Of A Contract Essay

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Professional Contract Formation The idea of creating a contract is to have two or more parties agree to something. This idea is to protect those involved in the exchange. For many circumstances, when dealing with contracts, it can become a hassle, this especially true for agreements without paper written contracts. Such situations can end up in court, this to allow the law to figure out who is right or wrong. With a written contract, the courts or laws can decide who benefits from the terms of the contract. For this to be true, both parties must agree to the formation of the contract. Before any party accepts any offers from a contract, they must pay close attention to its terms, terms are a very important part of a contract. Terms are elements of contracts that specify important matters, price, and time for performance of a contract (Lau & Johnson, 2014). When dealing with a small business, one must be wise about decisions involving the welfare of the business and its employees. Every act must be considered to protect them and the business. This will involve the use on contracts. This paper will focus on the formation of a professional contract for a small business, and their employees. Furthermore, the contract will spotlight on the company’s goals, which are to promote the importance of an education for their employees. To do so, this contract will touch on the type of contract used, its elements, and terms.
Type of Contract The type of contract used for this scenario…

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