Essay about Professional Communication : Cultural Sensitivity

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Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity The writer is going to discuss about the Hispanic cultural sensitivity as a professional nurse who is involved in taking care of majority of the particular group of patients in her health care setting. Estimation of 40% of Americans will be notably belongs to an ethnicity or cultural group by the year 2030, in comparison with currently known as European in origin (National Alliance for Hispanic Health, 2000). Hispanic Americans are the single fastest growing minority population in the United State (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000). The view of Hispanic community who seek medical care, respect the care as they are trained under authority.
Summary of Articles Health promotion can be achieved until and unless a favorable environment is created which enhance the respective population’s pattern of value, culture and belief, education and life style habits which are prone to impact on their health. Ethnocentrism is the term explains the understanding of one’s personal perceptive of culture based on preferred and normal. This concepts progress the cultural competency to create to bridge the gap in professional communication too. In 2007, in article, Respecting Culture and Honoring Diversity in Community Practice by Racher and Annis, mentioned that prejudice as “a deep and visceral dislike of those whose appearances or customs threaten the status quo” (Racher, F. E., & Annis, R.C., 2007). In the article, Cultural…

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