Professional Athletes : Success And Fame Essay

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Many professional athletes have success and endless fame, but the real “definition of success . . . has little to do with fortune of fame.” Success can be described in various ways but most people claim that success is “the accumulation of material possessions or the attainment of a position of power, prestige or perhaps fame.” Success may have something to do with possessions and money, but that is not nearly all of the aspects of success. Professional athletes are set on a greater pedestal because they receive excessive amounts of money compared to average people. Money should not be the key factor in success and fame. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, and all other professional jobs that take extensive schooling to get their particular degree, are getting paid a fraction of what rookie professional players are making in their season, let alone the veterans. National Hockey League is the highest paying rookie salary in professional sports with the “minimum salary at $525,000. Basketball players pull in $490,180 annually. Baseball players pull in a minimum of $414,000. Football players will make at least $375,000 annually.” Money is being handed out to talented athletes that do not have to get an education for their professional job; however, people who have put in hours upon hours doing homework for a college degree, get paid exceedingly low wages comparatively. There are numerous factors as to why athletes get paid certain amounts. There are exceptionally few players that…

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