Professional Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

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Why should someone who’s swinging a bat at a ball make more than 2 times what a life saving job makes? Even more compared to and educator! Do they really deserve it if they don't know how to responsibly spend it?
PLayers don't know how to responsibly handle their money. For example according to a 2009 article 78% of NFL players get in financial trouble within two years of retirement. Kenny anderson an NBA player was whining about how he was having trouble paying for the insurance of his 8 cars!Lastly almost all of these athletes don't understand how to cash a check, but are expected to handle the millions of dollars. This is why athletes aren't very capable of responsibly taking care of what they supposedly “earn”.
Professional athletes make more than the people risking and saving lives. police officers, and doctors make less than 1 percent of what athletes make. Next people like firefighters risk their lives and still get paid less than ¼ of people making a touchdown or hitting a pass. The more kids and or people realize what these athletes are making compared to the medical field or the educators less people are going to want to help save lives and better the community instead they're going to want to “chase their dreams” by going up to the home plate or the
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They go through long practices and live in hotels for long periods of time, but they did sign up for this life. Athletes sacrifice time and money that could be spent on their families and or relatives but they can't because of the separation throughout the season. Critics argue that it's not the athlete's fault that other occupations earn less than them which may be true but who is really to blame? The real question is do athletes really deserve their earnings?
In conclusion athletes should not make more money than an educator or a medic. Especially since majority of these athletes don't even know how to write a

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