Professional Athletes Follow Strict Nutrition Schedules Essay

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love different kinds of food, but there are certain things I eat that are good for you."’ This shows how many athletes look at food and nutrition very differently than the average person. Athletes are not eating for pleasure but for energy. Athletes could be compared to a machine, they eat in order to perform. When a machine is well oiled it runs smoother, similar to the human body.
Professional athletes follow strict nutrition schedules that attribute to their superior performance. This being said not everyone is guaranteed to be a professional athlete ,but eating right gives you a leg up over the other competitors. While athletes need the same macronutrients that the average human does the makeup of each individual is much more complex than an average diet. Athletes are burning many more calories and fats than a normal human being. Therefore, a diet has to be adapted to fit these changed needs.
Many people may ask “Does what I eat really affect my performance?” Stats are hard to argue with. According to Nancy Clark in Fueling for Peak Performance, In a study it was shown that people who ate before exercising biked almost 30 minutes longer than those who did not. In the next segment of her article Clark talks about eating during exercise. She says that “If you are exercising for more than one hour, plan to consume carbohydrates and fluids to maintain energy, and prevent dehydration and needless fatigue. Depending on your body size, intensity of exercise and intestinal…

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