Professional Athletes And Other Celebrities Essays

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Many people get inspired or motivated to do something that they love. This is the story for most professional athletes and other celebrities. There are many stories out there about people who had extreme difficulties early on in there lives. The way they dealt with these issues was to pursue something they loved to do, such as a sport. Almost all professional athletes had to face adversity in their path to becoming a professional, but they pushed through it because of how much they love their sport. That is the story for almost everyone no matter if they are a celebrity or not. There has been a moment in my life that has inspired me to play basketball which is something I love. I have played basketball since I was in seventh grade, but I’ve never been that good. I am pretty tall which is a great asset to have when playing basketball, but I’m not very strong or coordinated. All through middle school, I was a B team player, so I was not that good. I didn’t really love basketball at this time, I only played because everyone told to because of my height. My freshman year of high school was the same story. I grew four inches going into my sophomore year putting me at 6’5”. This made me even more uncoordinated than before. So I didn’t play much my sophomore year either. I still didn’t love the game of basketball yet though. At the end of my sophomore season of basketball, our coach, Aaron Abel, decided to hold exit interviews to talk with players about how they thought the…

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