Professional And Legal Obligations Differ Essay

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1) Explain how professional and legal obligations differ.
Teachers have professional and legal obligations—both are necessary for ensuring the well-being of their students, but each entails different responsibilities. For example, legal obligations are those that are required by law. One of the legal requirements that teachers are bound by is due diligence. As a teacher, it’s important that I protect the safety and security of students. For instance, it’s critical that I pay close and reasonable attention to them while under my supervision—this includes being attentive to students’ physical and emotional safety. In regard to legal obligations, it’s necessary to act in loco parentis or in place of parents—adhering to school guidelines to prevent negligence and breach of duty. It’s also important that I create rules that help sustain a safe environment for students. Professional obligations, on the other hand, consist of having the competence, conduct, and skills to carry out the duties of a teacher. Essentially, professionalism refers to things that I should be doing. As a teacher, it’s important to me that I conduct myself ethically, give my best effort to the profession, teach in a manner that facilitates success, always do what I can to help students, be respectful, demonstrate effective communication, and embody a pleasant demeanor. With that being said, legal and professional obligations also differ from ethics. For instance, ethics refer to the standards of conduct that…

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