Professional And E Business Writing Essay

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219.202 Professional and E-Business Writing
Hugo Alejandro Cabello 11207839

Copying or paraphrasing of another person 's work, be it published or unpublished, without clearly acknowledging it, will be deemed to be dishonest. Any candidate found guilty of plagiarism will be liable to the penalties listed in the Massey University Calendar.
I have read the above statement and agree that my assignment conforms to Massey University 's plagiarism policy.
Where I have made use of the ideas of other writers, I have acknowledged the source in every instance.
This is an original assignment and entirely my own work.
I have made a photocopy of this assignment for myself. Hugo A. Cabello
Job application letter and CV marking schedule Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Good Excellent
Job ad: Appropriate position
Job ad: Referencing
Attractive design
Original/innovative (not generic)
Focus matches job ad
Clear structure
Specific detail
All info relevant
Format aids readability
Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation
Correct format
Correct salutation
Clear reference to job, ad, date
Matches ad criteria
Shows knowledge of job, company
Tone professional, confident
Thoughtful/individual (not generic)
Action close
Correct spelling,…

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