Professiona Idenity Paper

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Professional Identity and Careers Paper
Cheryl Jansen
July 2, 2013
Corene Tague

Professional Identity and Careers Paper
When one thinks of a counselor, what ideas come to mind? To advise, to instruct, to counsel? My reaction to counseling in my early days in the profession was to receive guidance from a professional when I did not have the answers myself or when I felt “stuck” with a problem in my personal life that I felt I could not solve. What did I wish to get from seeing a counselor? The question depends on what aspect you are seeking guidance or counsel in your life. The question changed when I began to pursue a career in counseling. The question became “Why do I want to be a counselor? Who do I want to serve? What
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The Substance Abuse Counselor career requires a B.A with an additional 2 years of counseling in a related field of human/social services. Some of the experience can be replaced with personal life experience in which the counselor had prior history of substance abuse and was able to overcome their own struggles with addiction. Certification is required in some states. “The counselor's ability to identify the needs of the client and the quality of counseling and related treatment intervention strategies obviously linked to his/her assessment and diagnostic skills) (Eric Digest, 1999, p. 4). The counselor duties include providing individual and group counseling, case management, outreach and linkage to referrals and meeting/maintaining credentials/certification. The School Counselor is a qualified and trained educator who specializes in addressing a student’s academic, personal and career needs. Their duties are to put in place a comprehensive program that promotes and enhances student achievement and the progression of their

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