Essay on Product Strategy

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Strategic Marketing Management (MGMG508 Section 1)
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Reflective Essay on Product Strategy
Product is one of the four key elements in Marketing Mix or 4Ps (product, place, price, promotion); it plays such a significant aspect for those companies who give their focus on the product which is where their strengths are, and this action has been called Product Orientation Method. It means the business approach that all company activities will put their attention to improve, re-design and refine its product quality by assuming that the customers always want the best quality product with a competitive price1. Product Strategy will be a key to success to product orientation companies where marketing plans will be
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When comparing between iPad and Kindle, obviously iPad is more expensive as there are many functions that keep entertainning its owner; the same situation about pricing in grey market happens with iPad as well. When talking about the battery life, Kindle is the winner in this matter as there is no worry about it, just one single charge it can be used for 1-week reading and 2-week reading with wireless off. iPhone and iPad is much shorter which lasts only hours or day. On the other hand, iPad and iPhond are better in terms of its storage, which the biggest storage is 64 gigabytes.

Multi-purpose Complicated Technically Sophisticated Self-entertainment with calling function

Multi-purpose Complicated


Simplicity Technically Sophisticated Self-entertainment Bookworm

Figure 2: Target Customers

If you are technology lover, love finding something new, fun and entertaining such as music, games and movies, you are who Apple is looking for as their target market. If you love reading books anywhere and anytime, Amazon will offer you Kindle which will help saving your money with cheaper prices than iBooks (iPad bookstore) on books from non-agency model publishers and same price on agency model publishers’ books. Kindle store has a wider range of 450,000 titles while iBooks has only 60,000 titles. iPhone and iPad are more complicated when using as iTune program is needed to be installed in order to set up every functions on

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