Essay on Product / Service Description For College Students

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College students’ main focus is to succeed in their classes. Full time enrolled students must spend at least 12 hours per week in classroom attending to classes. Apart from that, Wichita State University has a credit hour definition in which for every credit hour in the classroom, the student is expected to spend at least 3 more hours per week per credit. Therefore, a full time student is assumed to occupy a minimum of 48 hours per week on his or her studies. Additional to the hour commitment, college students have to bear with daily stress related with academic workload, time management, future plans, and finance, among others. Lately, the biggest complain between students is the daily stress to find a parking spot in campus. This is a problem that has been increasing since the university implemented the parking lot passes and color division of parking lots. Today is nearly impossible to find a close parking spot from 8am to even 6pm, causing students to wait for more than 20 minutes in order to get a parking lot and then walk for about 5 to 10 more minutes to get to their classes.
RideSmart is a company that focuses on the college transportation services. The main idea is to provide 24 hours carpool services to the Wichita State University students and faculty members to help them save time looking for parking spots and money spent on gas, as well as increasing the number of available parking spots in campus with a plus of contributing to help…

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