Product Placement in Movies and Mass Media Essay

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Product Placement in Movies and Mass Media
Teresa Brasaemle
ENG 122
Instructor Cathy Wilson
November 09, 2013

Product Placement in Movies and the Mass Media
Over time, product placement has occurred in the movies and mass media. From the silent films of the early 1900s to modern day talkie movies, product placement has served as a gravitational pull for consumers, even though it is uncanny how subliminal advertising makes adults and young people spend money they do not have. There are three key elements to consider when discussing product placement in movies or the mainstream media, namely the economic effects on individuals, the social impacts, and the psychological ramifications.
First, the economic effects include
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One of the main forms of multimedia is television, which is just one communication method that uses product placement. Television is still the most popular form of entertainment to bait the consumer through product placement. They may only be 30 seconds long and run to only three or six adverts in a row, but the message is still the same. Direct or indirect subliminal messages are still being transmitted to consumers of all ages. “Television is the chief medium used by national advertisers. Much television advertising is for car companies, financial and insurance companies, food companies, restaurants, retail stores, telecommunications companies, and companies that sell medicines.” (Humphreys, 2013, Ways of advertising section, para.1)
While this is notable for the advertiser economically, at the same time the consumer feels compelled to purchase the product or service regardless of whether he or she has the money or has to spend money he or she can ill afford. Even though consumers watch television to view programs, at the same time they feel that they have to purchase an advertised product. Children see the toys they want on the television, and their parents feel guilty. In addition, they feel as though their children need to be accepted. This social need to be accepted is not limited to just children, but adults can become snared, too.
Even though

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