Product Innovation at Bank of America Essay

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Case Study: Product Innovation at Bank of America
By Cindy Murray
What financial institutions can learn from inventions and innovations in other industries.

owhere is innovation more essential to survival than in the banking industry. In the payments domain, for example, nonbank competitors less constrained by bank regulations and therefore more agile are changing the banking industry’s grip on the public perception of banks as the only trusted brand for holding and moving money. However, innovation is challenging for banks. Many products, like payments, are a commodity. A vast number of products and a complex infrastructure require continual upgrades to keep apace with technology advancements and comply with
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Take the case of Nabisco’s Oreo cookie, the bestselling cookie in the United States. In 1912, Nabisco came up with the idea of two chocolate disks with cream filling in between. Since then it has released Double Stuff cookies with more filling; fudge-covered Oreos; holiday cookies, including Halloween and Christmas cookies; bite-sized Oreos for children; and reduced-fat Oreos. Oreos illustrate two important aspects of product innovation. First, Nabisco stayed close to its customers. It understood how needs varied among consumers and changed over time. The company developed its product to meet the needs of a continually broader set of consumers. Second, the example illustrates an incremental approach to innovation that focuses on advancing core products. The iPod was at once the next step in an evolutionary process and also a creative leap. This product integrated a number of capabilities in a portable device, but it was not the first MP3 player. However, the concept of iTunes was a new business model that changed the way consumers could store and listen to music. The iPod was transformative, too, because it aligned with changing consumer behavior reflected in trends of mobility and customization. Technology enabled a tipping point. Consumers were ready to embrace a leap.
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