Product, And Care Of Their Patronage Essay

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finished product, and care about their patronage. Advertising may be the most important thing for our business when first coming out. We need our company’s name to be commonly known. It is important to put our money in advertising that will be effective. Deciding the target audience is also a very important step. We want to include as many people that we can to increase our business, but not only do we not have the funds to do that it would be a waste of time. Overall the product of servicing devices covers a wide variety of options. Instead of aiming and select groups we should mass market and aim to sell to as many as we can. Present time most working class individuals have technology that can be broken and need of repairs. Our customers most likely will have a stable middle class income, 20+ years of age, and a busy on the go life style. We will also focus on offering services to larger corporations, offering consultation and tech support. Smaller offices that may not have an Informational Technology department could request help from our business. Our customers will value their current technology and request getting it repaired rather than going out and buying a new product. We are aware that when customers come into a repair shop in hopes to fix their device they want nothing to do with it after they drop it off. We want to make it as painless and quick of a transaction as possible, so they can continue their busy lives. Possible customers when looking at other…

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