Producing Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through the Effective Management of People

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|Producing sustainable competitive advantage through the |
|effective management of people |
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Impressive remarks

The author points out thirteen practices for managing people in order to achieve a competitive advantage. I am impressed by the way the author points out the importance of the workforce and how it is managed.

The importance:

As other sources of competitive success have become less important, what remains as a crucial, differentiating factor is the organization, its employees, and how they work. The author quotes Southwest Airlines as an example, which achieved competitive
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3. Participation and Empowerment

a. Even when having the right people if they are not empowered to do what they want there is of no use in having them. If you really would like to get the best out of your human resource one has to empower them.

4. Information Sharing

a. It is very important for everyone in the organization to understand the strategy and work towards the goals. In order to achieve this, free information flow from top to bottom and bottom to top is very essential.

5. Symbolic Egalitarianism

a. Once the people are empowered and free information flow is in place there more room for symbolic egalitarianism. In the reverse side in order to have the above the organizational attributes one should definitely go for symbolic egalitarianism. However cultural behaviors will be a big hurdle to come across to achieve symbolic egalitarianism.

6. Cross-Utilization and Cross-Training

a. Even you have all the above attributes; it is difficult for one person to know everything. So it is important to make them aware of Cross organization functions through cross-utilization and cross-training.

7. Training and Skill Development

a. With ever changing environmental factors, it is vital to keep updated on the skills.

8. Promotion from Within

a. This will help to maintain the company culture as well the person who got promoted will know in and out of

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