Robin Antar Analysis

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producing Gnaw. Antoni has made a difference in the art world by producing work that has meaning and gives viewers such a strong reaction. She has bridged the gap between art and performance. Robin Antar had the happiest day of her life when she realized she could not copyright her work. The United States government felt her art mirrored the objects too closely. As a teenager one of her favorite activities was carving. The first piece she created an alabaster swan. In high school when she was carving she created abstract work. Once she helped a friend finish his/her project she realized she wanted to work with realism. Her first commission was a Nike shoe leading her to carve a whole footwear collection. Antar is known for realistic …show more content…
Some artists use performance such as Rikrit Tiravanja, Patty Chang, and Janine Antoni. Tiravanja wants viewers to be immersed in eating his food while having a communal theme in his work. While Antoni wants people to feel what she went through to make the art. By performing these acts repeatedly to create art she is thinking about process. Chang wants viewers to understand what is going on in the world connecting female identity in her work. Walker used large scale in her sugar sphinx to let the audience be dumbfounded about the truth of making sugar. Antar makes stone look like real food dealing with realism while connecting it to American culture. By using food in art, it is teaching society about community, social truths, and culture. Tiravanja creates community in all his food pieces because food creates communities. Antoni creates pieces about process because all her work she makes is repetitive of how food is used in society. Walker wants viewers to understand social issues about sugar by creating this large sphinx and molasses boys. Chang connects viewers to food by using uncomfortable situations to show social truths about female identity. Antar creates life- like sculptures dealing with American culture and how much food impacts us. All artists are working in a way to get their messages out in the world and make a

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