Procrastination Is A Dangerous And Seemingly Unbreakable Habit

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I’ll Do It Tomorrow

Procrastination is a dangerous and seemingly unbreakable habit. The good news is that procrastination is a habit that can be broken or at least better dealt with. Procrastination is a detrimental habit because you are putting off tasks that need to be done and are instead doing something else.Most of the time the task you are doing in the place of what you’re actually supposed to be doing doesn’t even matter. Procrastinating may seem like “not that big of a deal” but in reality, procrastinating is a major problem.
Procrastination can cost you significant things such as your health, job, grades, or relationships. In the chapter, there was the example with Raymond, a high powered attorney. Raymond would put off returning important business calls and penning legal briefs out of habit. This became a serious threat to his career which is why he sought help. With students grades can be greatly affected by procrastination. When work is attempted to be completed at the last minute, stress and anxiety levels may skyrocket, even further limiting the person trying to finish the task. The quality of work is also affected by procrastination. The work of a procrastinator is rushed and usually not thought out as well as someone who is doing the work further from the deadline.
Psychologists have been studying the reasons for procrastination. One reason is a person’s feelings of uneasiness about the task at hand and avoiding that feeling by not doing the task. Another…

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