Procrastination Can Affect You On The Long Essay

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A. ATTENTION GETTER-(Walk out of class and come back in with the phone, then set it down and pick up the papers) Oh my god, I forgot I had homework! (Sets it back down) Well I’ll do it tomorrow! ( Turns off lights and writes on the chalkboard,” 7 days later…” and walks to grab paper) Oh crap, this is due tomorrow! (Sets papers back down). This is known as procrastination, the Webster dictionary defines procrastination as “put off something”. In fact, it has been proven that 25% of people are chronic procrastinators, that do it constantly while there are others who do it every now and then.(University of Buffalo,1)
B. CREDIBILITY: Being the procrastinator I am it finally dawned on me to do some research on it and with hours of research, I’m able to say that I will change my ways to avoid procrastination.
C. THESIS: Procrastination can affect you on the long run.
D. PREVIEW MAIN POINTS: Today I will explain:
i. The problems procrastinations causes, ii. Why people procrastinate and iii. How to avoid procrastination.
TRANSITION- Raise your hand if you procrastinated while doing the speech outline? I know for sure I did!
II.MAINPOINT 1- Procrastination is not good for us.
A. As a procrastinator I stress a lot trying to get my assignments done the night before. But, I never turned my homework in complete or did but always got poor grades, which reflected off of my 1.5 GPA. My parents were enraged when they my low grades and told me to stop procrastinating and get…

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