Procrastination Argumentative Essay

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I am not going to lie, I procrastinated over this thesis. It is a constant battle for all students. Take for an example, a common sophomore named Penelope. Penelope was just assigned an essay on the meaning of happiness. Let the procrastination begin. First, she thinks, “Oh, yeah, I have all week to finish this essay; it’s due on Friday, which is so far away.” Two days later, “Maybe it’s a good idea to start thinking about the topic,” but then she discovers there is a new movie on Netflix that she has been wanting to see. A day later, Penelope receives some homework, so she tells herself, “Well, I can’t do it today.” Finally, the day before, she decides to start. She tries to, but she cannot think of any ideas, so she does some research, but …show more content…
According to Him, if an individual were to delay his work and distract himself with other activities, he is not fit for Heaven. This means that procrastination is wrong in God’s eyes. I agree that procrastination is morally wrong. This can be seen through sloth. Since sloth is a morally wrong action, and procrastination is a form of sloth. Therefore, it follows that procrastination is also a morally wrong action. A morally wrong action is one that is contrary to natural goods, and conflicting with right reason and Natural Law. These natural goods involve duties to taking care of our bodies and souls, and also those of others around us. When an action is morally wrong, it is the opposite of natural goods because as humans we have inherent rules that we are suppose to follow, which function to fulfill our nature. Since man was given reason, he must use it to achieve his ends. From the Catechism of the Catholic Church, to determine the morality of an action, the object, intention, and circumstance must be examined; if all three are good, the action itself is good. If, however, any one of them is morally wrong then the entire action is wrong (CCC 1750-1761). This means that an immoral action is one that has a wrong and sinful object, intention, and/or

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