Procrastination, And Side Effects Of Procrastination Essay

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I’ll Do This Paper Later “I’ll do it later” or “I can do it tomorrow” are what people usually say when they are told to do something or when they are given a task that is due in a later date. This action is called procrastination. Procrastination is the action of postponing or delaying a task. Everyone does it and sometimes people do it without even noticing. There are many reasons why people procrastinate, and it is not hard to control. The following paragraphs will explain reasons people procrastinate and strategies on how to deal with procrastination, ways to overcome procrastination, statistics about procrastination, and side effects of procrastination. One of the reasons why people procrastinate is because of laziness, but according to an article from Oregon State University there are six reasons why people procrastinate. I will explain the top three reasons. The first reason why people procrastinate is because they might not know how to do the task that they are assigned or given. There are several fixes for this situation such as searching how to do it online, asking someone who might know what to do, or asking a teacher or instructor for help. For example if someone is asked to do a math worksheet that they do not know how to do, they might ask their parents or a friend who might to show them how it is done . The second reason is that it might be boring; this is often the case for teenagers and kids. No one wants to do tasks that are boring like cleaning the…

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