Processed Food Essay

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The increase in the range of processed foods has enabled the Australian consumer to increase the demand for foods that are faster and easier to prepare. (Worksheet given in class Changes in food supply) The sacrifice of the consumption of highly processed food products is that many nutrients are lost in preparation, cooking, packaging, storing and transportation. (Textbook) The processing also increases nutrients such as fat, sugar and salt. Examples of convenience foods are frozen, particularly attractive are frozen vegetables and main meal options such as lasagne, canned and bottled foods such as fruits, vegetables and sauces or dehydrated foods such as vegetables and fruits. Processing changes the foods nutritional
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Jamie 's Ministry of Food aims to teach and inspire you to love and enjoy healthy mouth-watering meals. Learning to cook helps impact your health, happiness and fitness. (worksheet is given in class) Jamie has built and equipped Australia with proper foundations through his recipes and delivering community education programs about cooking and nutrition to youth and adults. Jamie 's campaign is a solution to the problem of obesity and diet-related diseases. It 's had a positive response in the population, equipping them with some basic food skills is starting people to cook for themselves once again. Ministry of food has empowered change in the way families to eat, and they 're thought about food. Ministry of Food aims to address our problem of obesity in Australia. Health experts warn Australia is one of the most obese countries in the world per capita. Around 7 million Australians are overweight or obese. And it 's affecting our kids, too. Source: National Preventative Taskforce 2010; Taking Preventative Action. Our health is suffering as were eating too much or the wrong thing; there isn 't balance in our diet. The takeaway, snacks and ready meals don 't supply you with the nutrition you need. We 're also more likely to develop obesity-related illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It …show more content… Some examples of dietary guidelines are the five food groups and eating a rainbow. The five food groups have all the different food and nutrients grouped up into smaller and bigger sectors recommending which to eat more of, but no serving are included. The total result of the five food groups supplies a well-balanced diet. The model is mainly aimed at parents as there is no pictures and a lot of information. The limitations of this dietary guideline are that is only directed at nutrition values rather than wellbeing and exercise, it has no lifestyle diet focus. (Dietary guidelines are given in class) Diet-related diseases are no listed, and the proportions of food aren 't accurate so you could be eating too much of something. The eat a rainbow dietary guideline was developed in the 1970 's whereas the five food groups were made in the 1930 's, so the eat a rainbow will have a better perspective on this to see what worked in the past and what we need to include now. Eating food colour has substantial benefits of the body, so the model is a rainbow full of fruit and vegetables. Eat a rainbow promotes fruit and vegetables, and explains processed foods are dull in colour so

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