Process Of Establishing A Collective Bargaining Essay

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3. Describe the process of establishing and decertifying a collective bargaining unit in the workplace.
Establishing a collective bargaining unit begins by initiating and organizing a drive. This is initiated by; one or more employees, a union, or an employer. Employees generally discuss this action by discussing it discreetly with other employee’s whose focus is to improve the workplace. Once the employees or employers have decided they want to unionize, there are four steps, which need to be followed in order to initiate an organizing drive to complete the process. Those items include; building and documenting support, voluntary recognition, filing election petition, and finally hold the National Labor Relations board elections. (Budd, Pp.197-198)
To decertify a union, the following criteria must be met, thirty percent of employees must file a decertification petition, and union representation must have been in effect for more than one year. In addition, the certification petition must be filed within 60-90 days before expiration of union contract (healthcare 90-120 days prior), and all signatures to decertify must be collected during non-work hours and off the worksite. Once all the criteria’s have been met, the final step is the decertification election. (Budd, p.198)
An example of this is a Walmart store in Canada. Both sides were left unable to come to an agreement, which resulted in the employees voting to decertify from the union. This resulted in the union taking…

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