Process Of Establishing A Collective Bargaining Essay

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3. Describe the process of establishing and decertifying a collective bargaining unit in the workplace.
The process of establishing a collective bargaining unit in the workplace consists of certain steps that should be followed; the organizing time line. The first step in this sequence is initiating; there are three possible initiators: one or more employees, a union, or an employer. Budd states that an employer initiated drive might be odd, but in the “1960s and 1970s some agricultural companies signed contracts with the Teamsters rather than risk having their employees choose the more militant United Farm Workers.” (194)
The second step in this sequence is building and documenting support; this involves meeting interested employees outside the workplace and distributing information. The discretion of their support can’t last forever, eventually they must openly express their support of the union to move forward with the process. Signing an authorization card is the most important method in U.S. labor relations for showing support. Having signed authorization cards ensure that employees are interested in forming a union and is valid evidence for union organizers, the employer, and the NLRB; some organizers will not continue with the union effort if an insufficient number of employees isn’t interested; 50 percent of employees must sign and be interested.
The third step in this sequence is alternative to voluntary recognition; this option is necessary if the employer…

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