Process Of Accidents In Jordan

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We face a lot of accidents every day, and this is very dangerous because one day it might hurt us, hurt a family member, or a friend. I lived in Jordan for ten years and I didn’t notice as much accidents as here in the US, and all of this is because how easy and simple is the process to be a licensed driver in here. comparing to Jordan the rules is much stricter and it’s very hard to pass the tests there. The process in Jordan is complicated, we start taking class after we turn 18, because they think that after 18 everybody should be mature, and can make their own decisions. After taking 24 class, one class a week, so this is a 6 months process. After taking all the class and your teacher decides that you can take the test and pass it, then you will have to take an appointment from the city driving organization, and take the written part of the test. If you pass the written part then you are eligible to take the driving test. …show more content…
We go and wait for our turn, after that we set in the car with two police officer, one is beside the driver giving information, and directions of the test, and the other one is behind the driver taking notes of your driving skills. We begin with starting the car up, and then start driving out of the building, and drive for fifteen or twenty minutes and go back to the testing place. Then, the officer will ask you to parallel park the car in a very narrow space, and it must be perfectly straight and you can’t hit and cone, if you hit a cone you fail the test right away. Also, any major mistake will make you fail in the test, you must be almost a perfect driver to pass the

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