Essay on Process Mapping The Patient Pathway

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Process mapping the patient pathway

Introduction and principle of process mapping
Patient pathway has been described as a useful audit which looks at the patient journey in healthcare to identify problems faced by patients and therefore suggestions for improvements. ( BMJ 1 2 ). In essence it involves dividing the patient journey into small simple steps to assess and finds out what actually happens to the patient in this journey. It is a simple exercise which looks at what actually happens to the patient rather then what should happen (BMJ 4). These process maps can then be examined to look at the unnecessary and non-value adding steps with an aim to redesign the journey by improving the care provided to the patient and to give the patient an improved health care experience ( BMJ 5 )
Process mapping has been used so far in a variety of clinical setting to improve the patient journey ( BMj 7 or 8 ). In the literature there have been many published article of examples of mapping patient journey in hospital settings. There have been very few examples from primary care.
Some of the initial understanding of process mapping has been taken from taken from Japanese car maker Toyota ( BMJ 3) . Eight types of waste have been described in health care setting and many of these can be picked up by simple process mapping exercise and therefore corrected. As per Author ( BMj 18 ) ineffective steps can increase the effort of the process by about 9 times…

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