Process Improvement Plan Essay

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Process Improvement Plan
Annette Cross
September 19, 2012
Diana Barnett

Process Improvement Plan In getting ready for work in the morning there are many things that could go wrong and could cause the day to not go as planned. When discussing the process of getting ready for work in the morning I found there were many variables that could cause me to be late for work, cause my son to be late for school and other problems such as no lunches for my husband, my son, and I and more. When I discussed my process in the beginning, I found that the process could take me over an hour if I did not figure out ways to do thing more time effective and with better planning. There are also occurrences that I can not control that
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I have found that if my son showers in the evening the extra time in the morning would allow my son to take the dogs out and feed them earlier in the morning and I would not have to linger around to make sure he does not forget. This process would save me approximately fifteen minutes. I am supposed to be at work at 7:30 am I leave for work at 6:45 am because I take Silver Spring to 794 to Oklahoma to KK drive to work every morning. The drive can often take me over 30 minutes due to morning traffic, weather, and now the kids are back in school busses can often deter my drive. I could have found that I could shorten the process of getting to work and add more time to my morning by taking the Fond Du Lac to the freeway (highway 43), and then taking that to 794 and then to Oklahoma and then to KK and to work. Taking the alternative route would shave off 10 to 15 minutes taking me approximately 20 minutes to get to work every morning. The adjustment to the route I take to work allows me to leave home a little later giving me more time at home in the morning. Week 2, my family and I implemented the new process of everyone showering in the evening, which proved to be successful and gave more time in the morning for everyone to utilize the extra time more efficiently without being rushed. I fixed the lunches in the evening, which allowed me more time to attend to my son and get him more attention to ensure that he attended to his morning duties , which he

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