Process Essay: How To Handle A Trolls

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How to Handle a Troll Trolls a new way to express negative feelings and thoughts through social media. Everyday users post thousands of thoughts, a dark side exists, where people/trolls instigate hate between followers. Many internet users as minorities have experienced something drastically. Which is known as trolls today are just people reflecting their feelings against followers. Showing impulses of madness against life. Trolls try to make people the same way they felt at some point, but that does not mean trolls have the right to do whatever they want on any kind of social media, people confront them in different ways. At some point of their lives they will realize everything they did and they will regret because of all the …show more content…
To begin with, Internet users should avoid trolls so they don’t feel any kind of fun. As more people avoid them, trolls would not feel like they receive any attention; they get bored of trying to bother users. Trolls will go because they lose the fun that they looking for, trolls will leave people alone. Also, having someone prepare is essential because no one knows when can a troll over exit the limits of fun. So, minorities/users should prepare to handle with cyber bullies or trolls. Trolls who instigate hate among users are sadism because they only think about themselves. Users being prepared helps in case a troll don’t differ from just a prank to a harassment. Not too many people know how to handle this problem, preparation essential key for trolling problems. Finally, social media owners need to be precautious with an over trolling situation. Having people who serve as moderator or that regulate troll action to prevent them from keeping spreading; people who regulate or moderate must ban groups of trolling people like Alt-right. Banning trolls from social media will stop followers who spread hate. Users who are prepared usually prevent the contact with

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