Essay on Procedure : Why It Is Important

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Procedure: Why it is important: What equipment it is likely to relate to (examples):
Knowledge of equipment Knowledge of the equipment in which is in the laboratory is very important, as the equipment in which needs any maintenance is then kept maintained. It is also important so you know the places in which equipment needs to go in and you know where to look for specific things. - Where the glassware is situated as it should all be grouped together to decrease chances of breakages or equipment becoming damaged.
Maintenance of equipment Maintenance of equipment is important due to the fact of all equipment must be checked and logged as to when and if it needs to be fixed. Then it will need to be by the professionals/specialists and this must be logged in a logbook so if anybody comes in and questions how well equipment is maintained there is proof. It is also important to maintain equipment and ensure it is calibrated correctly every few months as this can otherwise cause for results coming from these pieces of equipment to be invalid as they won’t be correctly calibrated to be used. - pH meters for example need to be repetitively checked to ensure that they are kept calibrated to ensure they give the correct results and not incorrect.
Disposal of chemicals Disposal of chemicals within the laboratory is very important as some chemicals in which are created from an experiment can be very harmful and hazardous therefore some chemicals and products must be disposed of in a…

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