Procedural Language And Procedural Programming Essay

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What is a procedural programming?

Procedural language is one of the most common way of programming. This programme is a way of explaining how a computer programme writes a programme. This technique of creating software or an application is all about keeping the code as simple as possible. Some examples of procedural programming languages include C, Fortran or Pascal.

The programme language contains straight forward steps and procedures within its programming context to create a programme for the computer. It comes with statements which are already organised for you along with different keys and commands to complete a program.

Procedural language separates a programme between variables, functions and statements. These procedures are applied on the data in order to perform the task. Once a programme is written in a procedural language, it can be appealed anywhere between the programme and even by other procedures.


The advantages with procedural programming is that the languages perform very quickly, which saves you a lot of time. The language comes with a very simple way of accessing different data types and operators, which makes it easier for the user to use the program. Another advantage with procedural language is that the codes are reusable because they can be used again for different fragments of the program.


The disadvantages of procedural programming is that its not easy to edit or make any changes to once its finalised because…

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