Procedural Justice, Due Process Essays

1873 Words Dec 7th, 2014 null Page
In our readings this week, we discussed procedural justice, due process and whether they are related, in my opinion they are. Procedural justice is the perception that decisions are implemented in fairness and transparency. Due process is when the employer advises the employee with a written notice of the reason for the termination and is presented at least 30 days prior to termination. A copy of the notice will also be sent to the Department of Labor office where the employee’s office is located. When the true process of procedural justice is implemented, people feel they have been treated with respect and dignity allowing the individual to accept outcomes they may not like (Burgess & Cast 2013). In combining the aspects of procedural justice and due process, a person is entitled to a fair notice of an intent to take away a property or right that has been afforded them. It also gives the person a chance to voice their concern by either accepting or denying the choice given to them. Cropanzano (2001) states that Leventhal lists consistency, bias suppression, accuracy, reliability, correctability, representativeness and ethicality as being the six procedural rules and that individuals looks to these rules when deciding whether or not the procedure was fair. I will focus on consistency, bias and representation as steps Lauder and Bradley Marquez missed and should have incorporated into their handling of the company layoffs. The first round of layoffs lacked everything.…

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