Essay on Procedural Justice Based And Cost Effective

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An evidenced-based and cost effective way to reduce crime is procedural justice also identified by researchers as procedural fairness. Procedural justice describes the idea that how individuals regard the justice system is tied more to the perceived fairness of the process and how they were treated rather than to the perceived fairness of the outcome. One of the leading researchers on this matter is Tom Tyler of Yale Law School, and he has identified several dimensions of procedural justice: voice, the perception that your side of the story has been heard, respect, the perception that they system players treat you with dignity and respect, neutrality, the perception that the decision-making process is unbiased and trustworthy, understanding, comprehension of the process and how decisions are made, and helpfulness, the perception that system players are interested in your personal situation to the extent that the law allow. According to Tyler, people are more likely to comply with the law and cooperate with law enforcement efforts when they feel the system and its actors are legitimate (Gold and Bradley, 2013). The principles of justice and fairness point to ideas of fair treatment and "fair play" that should govern all modes of exchange and interaction in a society. They serve as guidelines for carrying out justice (Maiese, 2013). There has been a breakdown in procedural justice and the black community which has incited the Black Lives Matter Movement.
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