Problems With Health Care During A Capitalistic Society Essay

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Change Project: Problems with Health-care in a Capitalistic Society It is the duty of government to promote the well-being of its citizens; this includes promoting health care in a manner that will best promote the welfare of its citizens. Since health-care is very regulated it does not follow the laws that model a free-market economy. For this reason, injustices arise owing to unintended consequences of instituting a health care system in a capitalistic society. Injustices stem from a commercial incentive for research and drug development, a vast consumer surplus, and a limited access to care. Because unintended consequences are certain to occur when applying theory in practice, the peculiar shortcomings of socialized medicine in practice cannot disclaim a favorable outcome regarding other systems of medicine. You may not think you are personally disadvantaged by a capitalistic health-care system, but you must consider those that are. People will pay a high cost for treatment, even if it is well beyond their means, because of the possibly fatal consequences of declining medical treatment. Consequently, the amount the United States spends on health care as a portion of its gross domestic product is by far more than any other developed nation in the world.
When research and drug development motivated by commercial incentives does not promote the well-being of the public. Instead, promotes financial gain of private entities and individuals. For this reason, research and…

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