Persuasive Essay On Self-Driving Technology

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Autonomous technology has been slowly rising up in the market, beginning with automatic stop brakes to parking assists. The one thing were trying to advance to is full on automatic driving with no manual backing. Although this technology isn’t in the market yet, it will be in the near future. Although it’s the most anticipated piece of technology currently, questions are asked about liability issues, hacking, and ultimately sharing the road with them. One of the many issues revolving around self-driving cars is the question of safety. How much can we trust in computers to keep us safe? The main system that is used in self driving technology is a computer, and computers tend to have their moments of malfunction. For a piece of machinery …show more content…
The big question is “Who will be held liable?”. Cars will one day have no need for a steering wheel, but as driverless cars end up in the market, they might have a steering wheel for a short period of time before going completely free from brakes and a steering wheel. I feel that there would be a difference in the liability law for driverless cars between the cars that have steering wheels and the ones that don’t. I feel that the cars that don’t have a steering implemented into the vehicle and it gets into an accident will most like the car manufacturer will be held liable for damage and injuries. Blah blah states that the first cars to come into the market will have a steering wheel for safety reasons. The ceo of Volvo the car company and google has stated that they will all liability issues that will come. "So the question becomes who is responsible and we think it 's unrealistic to put that responsibility on our customers… if the customer used the technology in an inappropriate way then the user is still liable," said Mr. Coelingh. Some car companies are uneasy of the thought of being held liable for driverless car accidents and therefore reject the idea for now. The big problem with this is that these stories of car manufactures rejecting the ideas make customers wary of the whole idea of autonomous cars. A question I haven’t seen asked is if a driverless car has a steering

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