Problems Of New Learning Style Essay

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Problems of New Learning style College life is an important stage for everyone. Students will face new environment, new friends, and also new learning style. College’s instructors and teachers in high school are completely two different roles. High school’s teachers want to teach everything for students. However, instructors want students to think about deeper level by themselves. That different teaching style will make students confused at their first year in college and I also think college doesn’t supply well to let freshman suit new learning style. Independent study shall be a strange skill for freshmen in college. When students learn in high school, teachers will emphasized all keys again and again in every class and make a specific study plan for students which likes, “You need to review this part tonight”, “You should correct this problem”, and so on. Unlike teachers in high school, instructors like strangers who only leads students to know about basic knowledge. Actually, colleges’ instructors have to cover the information of dozens of pages in a class. Students can’t thoroughly learn all knowledge if they only depend on what they get from the class. Students have to consciously learn, explore and practice in college learning life. Nevertheless, students don’t know about this point as freshmen. Take my own experience as an example, it was a tough time for me when I took the Math class in my first quarter. There was a lot of questions appeared in my brain when…

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