Problems of Manpower Development in Nigeria. Essay

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Omotosho Fatimah Olamide Department of Economics, University of Lagos


The development of indigenous manpower to serve as the propelling force for national growth and development is no doubt a key to Nigeria’s socioeconomic and political development. Manpower utilization could be defined as “the existence of skilled and /or unskilled humans that need training or re-training to perform specific task in society”. Thus, manpower development could be seen as organizational specific. This is because it is largely a function of organizational manpower needed or
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In the long run, the country and institutions would have lost brilliant and capable hands whose manpower would have been fully utilized to develop country. The resultant effect is that there will be untimely change of jobs by employees thereby eroding manpower long term development

Population Growth: The paucity and unreliability of the demographic statistics of developing countries like Nigeria is well-known. However, although population data has been insufficiently accurate for planning purposes, the concept and measures of population change used by demographers in the developing countries are logically sound.
Population growth can be a result of either natural increase that is through birth, or immigration flows from outside or inside the country. In each case a special situation can be created which determines the manpower structure of this country .Birth control, immigration control, internal movements control and many other similar actions can be of great importance.

Although, Nigeria is an example of an over-populated country but there is a problem of manpower under –utilization. Nigeria has a country suffers from unbalanced situation in their resources because the system governing the economic activities fails to work out the degree of balance between the different resources as well as the balance within each individual resource.

Surplus and Shortage of

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