Problems of Education in Nigeria and Prospect Essay

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J. Soc. Sci., 14(1): 81-86 (2007)

Educational System in Nigeria Problems and Prospects
L. O. Odia1 and S.I Omofonmwan 2 1. Universal Welfare Sustainable Community Development Center, Benin City, Nigeria 2. Department of Geography and Planning, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria E-mail: or
KEYWORDS Education; problems; prospects; standards; research and development ABSTRACT This paper examines the problems and prospects of education in Nigeria. Education is the bedrock of development. But unfortunately Education in Nigeria is bisected with myriad’s of problems. These includes; poor funding and thus poor educational infrastructures, inadequate classrooms, teaching
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Attempts will be made in this paper to examine the aforementioned problems and mitigations suggested.

82 PROBLEMS OF EDUCATION IN NIGERIA Poor Preparation and Malpractices Experts in the education sector has been able to identify examination malpractices with poor preparation of students for an examination, and lack of self confidence. In view of the rising costs of education (school fees, enrolment fees, cost of books and other materials) students and even their parents will not ordinarily want to be held back by any form of deficit or failure in any of the required subjects, hence will go to any length to ensure success. In some cases, some teachers at the secondary school level are involved by way of encouraging students to contribute money (cooperation fees) in order to secure the needed assistance during such examinations because they, the teachers are left with no other alternative considering the fact that they are aware of the inadequate preparation of their students as well as the lack of facilities to get them properly prepared before examination. Interview with 50 school heads in Benin City, reveals that more than 50% of our secondary school students on annual basis choose to enroll and write their final year external examination in schools in the interior and some private

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