Problems Of Current Us Prisons Essay

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The Problems of Current US prisons and Solutions to Correct Problems
Currently, more and more medias begin to talk about the problems of the US prison system, including the total volume of the prison system, the treatments of prisoners and the high quantity of reoffender. Some say that the total volume of the system is too small to accommodate current quantity of prisoners hence inmates may not stay well. And others say that the current correction system in the united states is not reasonable enough to effectively reduce the quantity of inmates. Thus in my opinion, I think that the current problems about the US prison systems are high inmate density, the lifestyle for inmates to stay in prisons and poor rehabilitation mechanism. Government should change their attitude to treat inmates and, at the same time, develop and employ a whole new correction regulation to prevent prisoners back to the prison again, which may help reduce the quantity of inmates in the prison system.
First of all, high inmate density and the lifestyle for inmates to stay in prisons are major problems of current US prison system. Author Petersilia told us a statistic “In 2009 the number of Americans behind the bars had increased for the 37th year in a row provoked a fresh round of national soul searching.” (P301) “Norway spends on the Halden prison runs to more than $93,000 per inmate per year, compared with just $31,000 for prisoners in the United States.” (Benko, The Radical Humaneness of Norway’s…

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