Difficulties In High School Essay

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Difficulties to completed High School
Every day I face different kind of problem. It’s really hard to find the solution if the problem is really complicated. Still I try my best to find the perfect solution for each problem. It’s better to find the solution instead of just giving up. After I solved any problem it encourages me go farther and faces other problem on future. I am really concerned about the problem I faced. That’s why I try hard to think of the positive and negative effects of my solution before I take new steps. After facing lot of problem, finally I got opportunity to complete my graduation, and hopefully one day I will reach my goal.
First, when I came to the United
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First of all, after one year I knew that I might not able to complete my graduation just because of my age. I was eighteen when I got admitted on ninth grade. My counselor said I have to finish the graduation on twenty. On the other hand, I had three years left to turn twenty but I had four remaining class to complete the graduation. After that, I talked with my counselor and my counselor said in order to do something for me I would have to get my transcript from Bangladesh. I worked really hard to get my transcript. After I got my transcript, my counselor talked with the education board and moved me into twelfth …show more content…
School shouldn’t have any limitation of age for students to complete the graduation. Some students might have different problem that make them fall behind from completing the graduation on time. Especially for the students who come from different country because they don’t get chance to start from current grade. Most of the times they get chance to admit from previous grade they had completed on their country. Now I got lot of encouragement to face complex problem. I feel really proud for myself that I go through the problem that I hadn’t before. After solving this problem it made me brave and I also earned high self-esteem for myself. It was the biggest problem I faces in my entire life. The accomplishment of this problem will affect me on my whole

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