Problems Faced With A Brazilian Auto Parts Manufacturer Essay

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Miscommunication in any environment can be the cause for tension be between all parties involved in any task. The case study “Miscommunications With a Brazilian Auto Parts Manufacturer” is a prime example of how a major business deal can quickly turn into a failed business deal due to miscommunication by not doing the proper investigative research involved when dealing with an organization located and owned in another country.
The case study begins with two organizations collaborating on whether they should do business with each other on a global scale. According to Central Intelligence Agency (2015) Brazil’s economy has been on a decline and the country is looking for ways to strengthen its workforce. The is business deal may not have cured all the workforce problems, but it would be a start in the right direction.
After an initial phone conversation, the President and the sales manager of the Brazil organization were very eager to meet with Henry William the President of the American owned organization called Lucky Auto Parts Company. According to Deresky (2013) this was a long awaited appointment that was made well in advance. Mr. Williams was also going to bring his Vice President of purchasing Mr. Astor to the business deal to introduce him to the position. At this point the initial lessons is that proper communication allowed for a meeting to be set and all initial agreements seem to be in order on both sides.
Mr. Williams suddenly could not attend the…

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