Issues Faced Due To Food Essay

Issues Being Faced Due to Food Throughout the years, Americans have been faced with serious complications in relation to food. We have faced eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder, as well as food addictions which have all had effects on body image issues that we have in our generation. Our generation has created plenty of body images that they see as ‘perfect”, even though it may not be the healthiest of ideals. These issues are being faced by all Americans, even though some may not even realized that they have a problem, and we could easily make a change in effort to change these problems. The issues being faced may or may not be psychologically based but research has been done to try to figure out the causes …show more content…
Health psychology is the belief that we should have proper medical and psychological care even if we have poor habits that affect our well-being. Health psychology has three main areas related to it: research, public policy work, and clinical work. These psychologists perform tests to find out what could be causing certain health-related problems, how to help these problems, what kind of treatment options are available and will work with the issue, and how to help ease the pain that is associated with it. They also have a role in making public policies on health related issues. Finally, they run tests and participate in interventions to help with ways to reduce anxiety, offer help with addiction, and try to help people try to live a healthy lifestyle and continue this lifestyle with their families. Health psychologists try to get people to see that, even though there are diets out there that promote fasting and skipping meals, there are healthier diets that you should try such as organic diets because eating healthy will help with the psychological impacts that the chemicals in “junk food” have on us. It may be a good idea for us to consider diets such as this because we are getting the nutrition that we need and still getting the healthy body that we are aiming for without having to make ourselves sick in the

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