Problems Faced By Police Officers Essay

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1.Ethical Problems in law enforcement
Us versus Them
Let’s understand what are ethics, ethical problem could be a circumstance in which the police officer is unsure of the proper or right action to take, or the action is right however the police officer found it difficult to do. A circumstance where you have taken the wrong action because in was enticing. There are several ethical problems the police officer faces in the community, here we will be discussing ’us verse them”.
It appears that through the media many police officers have that “Us versus them” attitude while the communities are more and more fearful their actions, and thus this us versus them attitude is currently widespread in most African American neighborhoods. When law enforcement primary objective consist of serving and protecting the community, it has become difficult for them to do just that.
With the media inciting the fears of being or seeing and unarmed male of non-Caucasian descent being gunned down, this tend to weight on the conscious of those living in these area. This mentality must change in law enforcement, by requiring additional training in the field, every 6 months to yearly psychological evaluation to be conducted by physician that has no affiliation with law enforcement.
How can this mentality be avoided by going out into the communities and building a repoire with the community, get involve in what is happening in the area you have to patrol, attend the town meeting. Here I want to…

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