Problems Clients Are Facing Essay

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Problems Clients are Facing
Brittney V. Ards
BSHS/305 Historical Development of Human Services: An Introduction
January 11, 2015
Instructor Tarshis

As human beings, we all have some sort of issue or problem but have you ever thought how some problems may affect people. Individuals, groups and communities are facing a wide range of problems and some surely go unnoticed. “Problems for clients are rarely single issues,” (Marianne Woodside, An Introduction to Human Services, 2012) and depending on how many actual problems there are some may go unnoticed. A few of the problems client may face are but definitely not limited to, developmental theory, situational perspective, meeting human needs, both physical and psychological, social
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As a child was the client able to let of old toys, did their parent or guardian show them alternatives to getting rid of old things?
Think about those clients who had an accident and decide to never drive again, or the Katrina victims who didn’t leave New Orleans after being warned several times, these are both defined as situational problems. According to the text, these problems usually occur because the individual is in a particular place at a particular time (Marianne Woodside, The Client: Chapter 5, 2012). These types of problems can and do happen to everyone and not everyone is doing a bad thing when they happen. For the Katrina victims, even though they had been warned several times to evacuate New Orleans, what about those people who didn’t have a way out or no one to help them get out of New Orleans in time. This natural disaster that no one had control over, left many people displaced which then causes even more problems for the client. When the client goes in to see a human service professional, their case has to be identified as a short-term or long-term case. Certainly, most Katrina victim’s cases are seen as long term cases, these people have been displaced, which left many of them unemployed which creates economic difficulty for them. What about young children who see their parents go through a divorce? Even if it is a pretty

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