Problems Associated With Chronic Illness Essay

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Donna R. Falvo, refers to the term chronic as “symptoms that last indefinitely and are attributed to a case that may or may not be able to identified”. With this said, people who suffer from a chronic illness go for long periods of time in pain with possibly no answer. A chronic illness alters an individuals everyday life with consequnces that can be considered severe. It is also recognized that many of the health impacts clients living with chronic illness face, extend to ones family. Whether it be financial burdens, caretaker burn out or simply stress, it is almost inevitable that some impact from the chronic illness will affect surrounding family members. In this paper I will discuss my clients chronic illness, how they and there family are affected by said illness, copying strategies/resources used as well as identify and discuss a resource in our community that I have visited that is linked with this illness.
The Chronic Illness
The chronic illness that has impacted the life of my client is endometriosis. “Endometriosis (EM) is defined as functional endometrial glands and stroma tissue that are located outside the uterine “ (Wang, Yufeng , & Bin , 2016, p. 1). This illness is said to affect “approximately 2-17% of woman in their reproductive years (Wang, Yufeng , & Bin , 2016, p. 1) and “has never had a full-term pregnancy” (Sharon, Dirksen, Heitkemper, Bucher, & Camera, 2016, p. 1554). The etiology for this condition is poorly understood however, the most accepted…

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