Problems Associated With An Emergency Room Essay

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I often feel blessed to be raised and spent a great portion of my life in Rochester Minnesota. The population in 2015 was 112,225, and has seen a growth rate of 30% in its population since 2000. Rochester, MN has concisely rand high among the best places to live in the United States and in 2009 the U.S. News and World Report has rank Rochester, MN in the top 10 place to raise a family. Rochester, MN has a great diversity in it population However, there are about 5.9% of families and 8.4% of the population that live below the poverty line, and 8.7% of the households are made up with someone over the age 65 that, are living alone (Wikipedia, n.d.). Rochester, MN has one small community hospital and one major medical center both facilities have smaller branch office located throughout the city. In this case, both hospital are equipped with an emergency room, although on one is a level one trauma center. For this assignment on complex care service all will be the discussing the resources that are located at Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic is known to be the “Destination Medical Center”, Mayo Clinic this two main building which provide outpatient care; these are the Mayo building and the Gonda building. Which are located in the heart of the city. Mayo Clinic has two different campuses that have three hospitals; these include Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus and the Mayo Clinic Hospital, St. Mary’s Campus, which is, also, home to the Mayo Eugenio Litta Childrens Hospital (Mayo…

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